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Simplifying Campervan Customization
with CNC Fitout Kits

At Van Market, we've perfected a streamlined CNC design process to simplify campervan customization for DIY enthusiasts.

Our approach begins with collaborative planning and design, ensuring that each fitout kit meets the unique needs and preferences of our customers.

Once the design is finalized, our state-of-the-art CNC machines come into action, precisely cutting and shaping materials to perfection.

The build process is part of the adventure!

DIY van builders are our people! If you are considering our self assembled cabinetry flat packs process. You want to be involved in your vanbuild... We are cut from the same cloth! Your van is your unique space... It is your home, the weekender, your form of commute but most importantly... It is your escape from the daily grind. “You don’t build a house without planning and designing”... So show your van the same respect.a

But I can build it myself !

Yes, you can, if you are really handy and have the right tools or have a carpentry background.

But the amount of time and headaches it takes to cut it all perfectly is a lot...

The build also tests your patience... and your partner's patience...


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Ready to Get started?

So are we!

Simply book in your design brief using our calendar to find a time that suits.

Design briefs run for 90 minutes and you will be guided by our team of professionals throughout the entire process to ensure we build you the van of your dreams!

Discover our Design to Machine service today.

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