100W Canvas Blanket Solar Panel suitable for Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezer with Solar and Battery Support


With this 100W Solar Blanket, you can keep your battery supported Brass Monkey fridge/freezer running for the entire trip without the need for mains power or a noisy generator. The blanket is designed to connect directly to Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezers with a built-in Lithium battery and solar support. Simply lay the blanket in full sunlight on the ground, across the car bonnet or similar flat surface, and plug it directly into the fridge via the 2.1mm DC jack. Small loops around the blanket enable you to secure the blanket to avoid it being blown away in strong wind. When not in use, the blanket folds away flat for easy storage.

Note: This is designed to work with battery-powered Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezers. This should not be used to directly charge a battery as it does not have a voltage regulator like some other multi-purpose solar blankets.

- 100W
- 2.1mm DC jack for power connection to fridge
- 5m cable length



Colour : Black
Continuous Power : 100W
Dimension details : Folded Dimensions
Length : 520mm
Width : 520mm
Weight : 3.4kg
Packaged Volume : 22.48l
Packaged Weight : 4.16kg
Packaged Length : 57cm
Packaged Width : 6.8cm
Packaged Height : 58cm
Make of outer material : Fabric
Dimension details : Unfolded Dimensions
Length : 1554mm
Width : 520mm
Solar panel type : Monocrystalline
Mounting Method : Folding Portable
Open Circuit Voltage : 21.6V
Short Circuit Current : 5.2A
Voltage at Power Max : 19V
Current at Power Max : 5.2A
Power Connector : 2.1mm DC Jack

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