Organic Cotton Travel Packing Cubes 4 Piece Set - Black


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Our Organic Cotton Travel Packing Cubes will help you stay organised on any weekend getaway, adventure or overseas travel. Separate your clothes and travel items in perfectly packed cubes, keeping your belongings organised, easily accessible and freshly folded or rolled. Make your packing experience something that you enjoy and something that you are proud of. 


  • Set includes 4 purposefully shaped packing cubes aimed to cover your travel packing needs and keep you organised.
  • 1 x Large Cube: designed for thicker outer garments (Jumpers, pants).
  • 1 x Medium Cube: designed for lighter garments (Shirts, dresses, shorts).
  • 1 x Small: designed for undergarments, (T-shirts, Singlets,).
  • 1 x Intimates: designed for the smaller items that often get lost (socks and underwear).
  • Minimalist design with a focus on durability. Made to stand the test of time. 
  • Sturdy zipper and carry handle on each cube.
  • A more sustainable alternative to common nylon/polyester materials. Organic Cotton is a naturally biodegradable, recyclable and renewable fibre.
  • When not travelling, these packing cells can be used on a daily basis separating items in our Weekend Carry All Bag or used to organise and store your belongings in your wardrobe.
  • Machine Washable
  • Material: Organic Cotton Canvas
  • Weight: 780 grams
  • Dimensions:
  • Large - 45cm x 29.5cm x 10cm.
  • Medium - 35cm x 26cm x 9.5cm.
  • Small - 26cm x 20.7cm x 10.3cm 
  • Intimates - 27cm x 14.5cm x 10cm 

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