About us

For the entire world the COVID 19 Pandemic was a shock to the system. It challenged our sense of freedom & adventure and for some of us made us re-think our values and what is important to us ?  For us its our Van & love of nature and the ocean.

After completing a van build project through the pandemic – we experienced how difficult it was to source all the products you need & how varied the advice and build techniques were on what was on the market already. 

We were blown away by the amount of overwhelming information across all internet platforms.

Technically minded and experienced we felt how does anyone dissect this information?  

It must be so overwhelming if you have no prior building or technical experience.  As we asked ourselves these questions. The Van life movement was exploding.

In our own pursuit planning for eventual freedom. We realised there must be an easier way to source the products. 

The Van Market concept was born and established in 2022 by us.

Elena & Dan