52 Litre Fresh Water Tank

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Water Storage! 

Water tanks inside, underneath, on the roof? Its a common debate. There is no one size fits all solution and can take some thinking outside the square. 

One thing is carrying extra water can really add value to your travel in convenience & peace of mind. 

Van Market Tips for Water Storage 

  • Try to mount underneath first - space is key so why not put a tank where it doesn't affect your internal setup. Also If it leaks you will thank yourself!
  • Wherever you put your water tank - come up with an easy solution to fill it - You can add lockable filing points or connect a hose point or something to make it easy and convinienent to fill. If its easy to fill - even if your tank is 40-50L you can quickly fill it when you see a tap !! 
  • If space underneath is limited - Go for more fresh water than grey water!
  • Unless you have a shower - grey water can be a simple 20L tank under your sink - - again make it accessible and easy to disconnect and empty. A small 20 or 40 litre tank underneath with a valve or tap to empty makes it easy to use.
  • Do not put water next to/close too your power setup - Chances are one day you will get a leak, especially if you have done some DIY plumbing. It will happen! Don't destroy your power investment when it can be avoided.
  • Note: Careful drilling into the chassis of your vehicle - This voids warranties and technically can cause issues with it being "technically roadworthy" - use a pre existing fixing point or hole for a bolt. If in doubt Ask a local mechanic or car dealer.
  • If your not confident putting it under the vehicle or know a bit about cars - don't do it yourself. You can end up putting it too low, or where another moving part needs to move freely. Ask/research or seek a professional to get the all clear. 

Pro Tip: 

  • Keep breather holes facing up :) they will drip/leak
  • Breathers can often double as an overflow - if you overfill it its designed to            overflow, check this if you think there is a leak first
  • The breather allows air into the tank to stabilise pressure  they cant be blocked       or facing down. 

Alko 52 Litre Water Tank 

Plastic , tough, non toxic fresh water tank 

Product Features:

  •     Has two small drilled breather holes (no thread) on the upper corner of tank
  •     The top also has two tapered red plastic push in bungs that cover holes left          from the manufacturing process


  •     Dimensions: 1010mm(l) x 175mm(h) x 330mm(w)
  •     Capacity: 52 litre
  •     1/2in barb outlet
  •     1in barb inlet


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