Memory foam pillow with neck support


  • Premium comfort pillow for at home and on the go – Roll it up and take the comfort of your own pillow where ever you go for optimum recovery every night
  • Promotes healthy sleep & sleep routines
  • Ergonomic neck bow and head moulding to reduce tensions in back & neck.
  • Two sides for four sleeping positions - works for all sleeping styles - back, side & belly sleepers
  • Practical, comfortable, light weight and hygienic
  • If you need to perform while travelling, this is for you
  • Includes pillow case
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


What is it for and what is unique about it?

The BLACKROLL® RECOVERY PILLOW is first and foremost a very comfy everyday pillow that offers optimum sleeping comfort at home for every night. Just like premium pillows you buy in a bedding store. Designed in conjunction with sleep and medical experts this pillow helps to reduce sleeping disorders in relation to tensions & pain in neck or shoulders. Due to the breathable memory foam it also helps to regulate temperature and offers optimum head support for best possible relaxation and recovery during sleep. Many reviewers say this is the best pillow they ever slept on, even though it is slightly smaller than common pillows.

The second, very unique, feature this Pillow offers is that it can be rolled up into a very compact hygienic travel bag so it can travel with you in your luggage when you are away from home. Don’t put up with unfamiliar pillows and sacrifice on valuable sleep quality while away from home.

It is proven that we can get the best sleep if we are sticking to sleep routines and consistent sleeping environments. The most effective way to achieve this is to take your familiar pillow with you. This is why a lot of travelling athletes or business people who need to perform during the day and sleep efficiently at night take their pillows with them when travelling. No other pillow can currently combine the supreme comfort and portability in one product like the BLACKROLL ® Recovery Pillow does.

Who is it for?

Since it caters with it’s different shaped sides and edges for all 4 sleeping positions anyone can use it no matter if you prefer to sleep on your sides, back or belly. Use the side with the perforated head bow to rest your head in it (back & belly sleepers) or flip it over to it’s straight side if you like more height and support when sleeping on your side.

Athletes, business professionals, neck pain sufferers, campers, parents, if you need good sleep and recovery but you need to save space when travelling then this pillow is for you, even if you are not travelling!

What is it not?

It is not only a travel pillow! See it as your everyday pillow with the massive advantage that it can travel easy when it needs to.

Material and Features:

The RECOVERY PILLOW is made in Germany according to ÖKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification

Size: 50 x 30 cm (or 30 x 11 x 11 cm when rolled up in bag)


PILLOW: Premium Memory Foam (Polyurethan with ricinus oil)

PILLOW Case: 60% polyester, 40% viscose

Carry Bag: 100% PPN

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