Stage 2 - Van Liner (10mm)


Car Builders Van Liner  is a 10mm thick, lightweight thermal/acoustic barrier, designed to insulate the inside of vehicles. It is Stage 2 insulation to be applied on top of our Stage 1 Sound Deadener  on single layer sheet metal. 

Car Builders Van Liner will not rot, attract moisture or mould and it is easy to cut. 

NOTE: For all inverted applications, such as roof skins, we recommend applying our upholstery grade Spray Adhesive, rate at 120°C. Please see below 'What are the rules for applying a peel & stick product?' for further information about peel & stick guidelines.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation - just peel off the release liner and adhere to surface
  • Cuts with scissors or knife
  • Only 10mm thick - outperforms much thicker insulation on the market
  • Silver PET face further prevents any heat being emitted into the vehicle
  • Does not rot or deteriorate


  • Van walls
  • Roof skins
  • Fender cavities 
  • 1/4 panels
  • Doors
  • Campers, trucks, various equipment



Roll size:
5m x 1m

Closed cell foam with a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) silver face 

Adhesive Resistance Temperature Range:
-40°C to +110°C (long term),    +135°C (short term)

Thermal Conductivity:
0.034 W/m.k

Flame retardant:
Yes, B2

Is there a Stage 3 product to go over Van Liner and do I need it? 

This is recommended if you are converting your van to a camper with internal walls (plywood, MDF etc). Our Stage 3 product is called Van Seal. It is a 4mm thick closed cell foam with a reflective face on both sides. It is used to create a sealed inner cocoon in your van, forming a very effective insulation barrier, further slowing heat conduction and convection. Simply line the side walls and roof with Van Seal before applying your structural panels e.g. plywood. Ensure there is an air gap between the Van Liner (stage 2) and Van Seal (stage 3).