Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Lite Roof air conditioner, 2600 W


Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Lite Roof Top Air Conditioner with ADB, 3 Year Warranty. The Dometic 7 Series Lite takes the reins from the Dometic Harrier Lite, bringing you the ultimate upgrade in caravan air conditioning!

Introducing the new FreshJet RV air conditioner series. Featuring a streamlined design throughout the range, combined with superior cooling performance, optimised airflow, and the quietest operation yet. The Series 7 features the next generation of Dometic’s leading inverter technology, delivering the quietest and smoothest operation, perfect for off-grid applications.

Each model is designed to be compact and have a minimal footprint so you can utilise valuable rooftop real estate for solar panels and other needs. CleanAir ensures circulating air is fresh and clean thanks to the built-in air purification system. The new air distribution box (ADB) gives you complete control over the system, along with remote and full Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, cooling and heating is only a touch of a button away.

The Freshjet 7 Series Lite is now compatible and can be controlled using the Dometic Climate app and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. 


  • Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Pro Roof Top Air Conditioner, 9620008762
  • Dometic FreshJet Electronic ADB, 9620001693


  • Superior energy efficiency. Reduced power consumption allows a longer run time on batteries and generators
  • CleanAir technology. Keeps your RV smelling fresh and clean thanks to the inbuilt air purification system
  • Premium air distribution box (ADB) with full connectivity. Air distribution box with touch control panel and remote, integrated ambient LED light and Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Next generation of Dometic inverter technology. The quietest and smoothest operation ever, perfect for off-grid adventures
  • Modern and fresh design. Aerodynamically shaped rooftop unit
  • Lightweight and compact. Ideal for optimised rooftop layout with solar panels and other devices


Brand - Dometic

GTIN - 6975399592129

Warranty Period:- 3 Years

Product Category - RV Air Conditioners

Best for Vehicle Length (m) - 6

Cooling Capacity (ISO5151) (kW) - 2.6

Heating Capacity (W) - 2300

Current Consumption Cooling Max (A) - 6.9

Dimensions (W x D x H) - 702mm x 752mm x 225mm

Refrigerant Type - R32

Operating temperature range - -2°C to 52°C

Current Consumption Heating Max (A) - 6.6

Installed Weight with ADB - 34kg

Number of Blower Speeds - 4

Cooling Capacity (W) - 2600

Refrigeration Technology - Compressor

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