Fiamma F35 Pro Titanium Case - Royal Grey Awning

By Fiamma



Compact, sturdy in lightweight anodized aluminium case with manual mechanism

Fiamma F35 is the practical awning with manual mechanism and telescopic legs integrated into the roller tube. It can be installed on any kind of minivan thanks to a variety of brackets that can be fixed on the wall or on roof bars and rails.
The installation and the removal from the roof-rack is very quick thanks to the optional mounting kit which doesn't require drilling.


[1] Brackets: wide range of brackets that can be purchased separately
[2] Compact case box: the awning is contained in a comfortable anodised aluminium case box
[3] Double guide: allows the installation of two front panels and accessories
[4] Integrated legs: stored in the roller, telescopic and easy to take out
[5] Reinforced arms: keep the fabric tensioned
[6] Roller: rolling up of the fabric in both directions



Awning length A Canopy length B Extension C Max height from ground D Shade surface Weight
F35 Pro 180 - Titanium
183 cm 162 cm 180 cm 195 cm 2,9 m2 8,5 kg
F35 Pro 220 - Titanium
223 cm 202 cm 225 cm 225 cm 4,5 m2 10,5 kg
F35 Pro 250 - Titanium
253 cm 232 cm 225 cm 225 cm 5,2 m2 11,5 kg
F35 Pro 300 - Titanium 303 cm 282 cm 225 cm 225 cm  6,4 m2 14 kg

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