Insulated black out window covers (2 pack)


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 Wake up feeling rested and ready for your day of adventure!

Achieve your best sleep yet with temperature-regulating, blackout window will revolutionise your campervan sleep! Blocking out 100% of light, these window covers will keep your van pitch black and fully private.

Sold as a pair (left and right rear door windows), these insulating window covers will also shield you against the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Install these covers to instantly improve the safety, privacy, and temperature regulation in your van!

These van blackout curtains are also equipped with pockets to store your valuable pieces, phone, or gadgets. That's your new bedside table!

They are a must-have van camping and conversion kit accessory for your next adventure!


- Super easy to install: Install and remove in just seconds. Installation is fully magnetic; no drilling or suction cups are required.

- Strong, heavy duty magnets. To ensure the perfect fit, each magnet is strategically and carefully sewn in place.

- Compact and foldable. When not in use, they can be left in place

Stealth Camping.  They fit snug against your windows, blocking out 100% of light. These window covers are also ideal to provide complete privacy.

Temperature Regulation.  Crafted with thick, premium insulation, these window covers will keep your van cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They will block out the elements in even the most severe weather conditions.

Convenience Storage Pockets. Equipped with storage pockets, these window covers will maximize the space in your campervan and provide convenient storage for your phone, books, or other valuables.


Material: UV50+ ripstop polyester, double faced aluminium crosslinked PE foam insulation and rare earth magnets

Colour:Light Grey (internal) and Black (external)

Installation Instructions:

Remove your Living in a Bubble window cover from the packaging. With the black side against the glass, place the cover on the back door window (left and right sides). The magnets will easily latch to the metal sides of the window frame. Finally, ensure all edges are securely aligned on the window.


Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2018
Mercedes Sprinter 2019-Current.
Full Metal Door (only compatible with a full metal trim door) 
Half Plastic Door (only compatible with half plastic trim door)
Volkswagen Crafter 2006-2016
- Volkswagen Transporter T5 T6 2003-Current (Lift-Up)
- Volkswagen Crafter 2017-current
- Fiat Ducato 2014-Current




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