Pre-wired Victron Board #1

By Victron

Add Solar Charger
Add Inverter
Upgrade DC-DC Charger

PLUG & PLAY BOARD - Board #1

  • Victron DCDC 30A
  • 6mm Twin Sheith Auto Cable 
  • Fuse block 
  • Timber Mounting panel
  • Anderson plugs 50A grey
  • Anderson plug 50A red
  • Blade fuse 15A
  • Blade fuse 30A
  • Midi fuses
  • All cables are heat shrinked & come with copper lugs
  • Low use van travel/ weekender, small trips
  • 100ah or less Aux/2nd battery
  • Setup including equipment such as fridge, lights, usb chargers
  • Those not wanting to save on not having solar in setup or expand setup in future 
  • Budget conscious base setup for those that prioritise reliable/quality equipment 
  • Designed for those wanting a quality base power setup. 
  • Allows any van owner to charge their second battery using the van’s alternator/starter battery. 
  • The DC/DC charger protects the van battery so that it never drops to low - so you can always start the vehicle with no problems. 
  • As you drive van, your 2nd battery will be charging up 

This board does not include a solar charger.  This can be added easily later OR check the upgrades if you want to a solar charger which would come with an anderson plug to connect solar panel or blanket too.  

This board includes a 30amp DC/DC charger. Put simply, if you have a 100amp/hour battery as your second battery. If you are driving, this should charger your battery at a rate of approx 30amps per hour, meaning your battery would be full from empty after 3-4 hours of driving.

*Note: This is an indication of the board setup. The layout is subject to slight variances based on customer requirements, available wholesaler stock etc.

All boards have been designed by 12v specialists & requires a 50amp - 6m fused cable (sold seperately) to connect to starter battery. It is plug and play and can be done by any DIYER.