Sunman eArc 175W - Flexible Solar Panel

By Sunman

Mounting Options

Sunman eArc 175W Flexible Solar Panel - Compact and Efficient Mono-PERC Solar Panels

Superior solar technology with compact Mono-PERC solar panels. These lightweight yet robust panels are perfect for various applications, including caravans, motorhomes, yachts, trains, and buses.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable construction with cutting-edge technology
  • Highly efficient monocrystalline cells for optimal energy production
  • Flexible design for easy installation on various surfaces
  • Endorsed by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Australian Renewable Energy Agency
  • CEC-approved for residential and commercial use
  • 10-year product warranty for buildings and 5 years for mobile applications

Crafted using a patent-pending composite material akin to airplane windows, Sunman solar panels offer unmatched durability. Approved by the Clean Energy Council for residential use, these panels are tough without the need for a heavy, rigid frame or glass. 


Weight: 3.00 KGS

Width: 66.30 (cm)

Height: 2.00 (cm)

Depth: 150.30 (cm)

Optional Mounting Solutions:

Multiple mounting options available, ensuring a secure and efficient installation that meets your specific needs.

  • Vented Gap Kit: Improves panel efficiency and reduces surface heating. Includes high bond double-sided adhesive tape and polycarbonate strips. (Height increase of approximately 15mm)
  • High Bond Double-Sided Adhesive Tape: Provides a low-profile, secure bond for smooth surfaces. (2.3mmH x 12mmW x 16.5mL)
  • Bi-Adhesive Backing: We can fit a continuous sheet of 1mm bi-adhesive material on the back of the panel for easy peel-and-stick installation on smooth surfaces.
  • Structural Silicone (Fix8): Can be used to adhere the panel to a surface.
  • Eyelets: We can press eyelets into the panel so it can be secured using bolts or screws.

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