Truma D6 Combi - Diesel Air + Water Heater


Choose Exhaust Ducting Length
Choose Heating Duct Length (65mm diameter)
The Truma D6 is a gamechanger for anyone wanting to spend a bit extra on their van water and heating setup. 

This can be controlled via the Truma App and your mobile device in offline mode - Put simply you can text message the heater, and it will turn it on whilst away from your van. 

In practice, you could text the heater 15-20 mins prior to heading back to the van from your iwatch whilst out on a days adventure, surfing skiing, hiking, snowboarding (or whatever activity gets your going).

When you get back you van will be toast & the water ready for a hot shower.  Luxury meets Practical!! We love this feature & why this one of Van Market's favorite products on the market

If you were to consider getting a quality diesel heater + a hot water system - the price of this becomes becomes more feasible, as you get both in one and a quality European Brand you can trust. 

Key Features

  • Kit Includes: 4 air outlets and one air intake vent
  • You are required to select a length of exhaust pipe & heating duct at checkout
  • Simply set the temperature on the digital Truma CP control panel + app
  • The powerful, quiet fan ensures optimum warm air distribution
  • Compact and space-saving, which allows more installation options for Combi D 6
  • Low energy consumption
  • Truma Combi D 6 can also be operated with an empty water tank
  • Frost Control drain valve is installed
  • Infinitely variable temperature adjustment with the digital CP plus control panel
  • Automatic climate control possible in combination with a Truma air conditioner
  • Operates on Diesel - can be connected into your van main diesel fuel line or you can purchase a separate 10L diesel tank if you want to separate the system. Runs off very little diesel - so 10L will last along time even with regular use. 
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Weight without water: 15.8 Kg

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