Vinyl Floor - Timber Medium 2.4m Width



Vinyl Flooring in a van is a super easy, functional and stylish way to cover the floors. Majority of stores including major hardware stores, flooring stores sell vinyl rolls in most cases in 3 or 4m widths meaning excess waste and the overall cost per m2 can be more expensive.

Van Market, has sourced Gerlflor Vinyl flooring in a 2.4m Wide Collection 

Gerlflor is a quality Brand with an outstanding global reputation - made in France.

Van Market offer these rolls in 3m, 4m, 5m length options - to suit different length and model vans. Therefore measure your van floor length, and order based on overall length. Rolls will all be 2.4m wide which allows for a bit of excess on each side. 

Product Features

  • Made in France | 10-year Guarantee
  • Compact structure, resistant to indentation, shocks, scratches and tears
  • Gerflor Fibre Technology: innovative, patented recycled fibre backing
  • Comfort: Flexibility & added insulation
  • Easy to lay
  • Easy to clean & great for wet area like a van can be 😊
  • WIDTH 2.4M  | weight 1390 g/m2
  • THICKNESS  total 2 mm | wear layer 0.25 mm
  • INSULATION Acoustic15 dB 
  • Sold in 3m, 4m, 5m lengths IE 2.4 wide x 3m 

How to Install 

  • On top of a solid ply base - we suggest 15mm 
  • Clean and sand any bumps in subfloor
  • Vacuum before applying glue 
  • Use one of the glues available on our store
  • Use a 1-2mm notch trowel (available on our store) to apply 
  • Layer glue on by trowel or scraper onto floor – don’t over do – just layer bits at time and use notch trowel – add more if feels like not enough
  • Use the notch trowel and pull backwards - this creates tiny 1-2mm notches in the glue
  • Scrape excess glue and continue along until glue is even
  • Roll out vinyl floor and push/feather the vinyl so its stretches even to all corners – apply pressure your body weight etc.
  • Cut excess vinyl around wheel arch, steps or wall/floor junction with a Stanley knife
  • Apply or leave some excess ply or something with weight on it while the glue dries (24hours preference) 
  • Caulk or seal edges of wall//floor junction for best seal and avoid any water potentially getting down the side and under the vinyl.
  • Job done - Grab a drink, stand back and admire the new look :)
  • Tips: Get your floor as flat as you can prior using a spirit level for best result.

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